From delivering and servicing containers to brokerage and demolition services, Athens Iron and Metal can handle all our clients needs.  Athens Iron and Metal has a proven track record of working with almost every industry to help companies formulate and execute a scrap metal service plan that maximizes their profitability.  Athens Iron and Metal has a fleet of resources at its disposal to deliver honest, safe and reliable service to our customers.

Commercial containers:

Athens Iron and Metal has a variety of roll-off containers that can meet your needs:

athens iron and metal

Limited Availability. 60 yard containers are transported on a tractor-trailer rig,  Reserved for sites generating multiple loads of scrap per week.

athens iron and metal

Our most common size.  Ideal for small to medium size business, it fits nicely into loading dock areas.  Can be moved with just a forklift for easy relocation around your facility.  If loaded efficiently, can handle up to 20,000 lbs of scrap metal.

athens iron and metal

Perfect for Heavy Ferrous material:  Our 20 yard container ensures that the box will not get overloaded with heavy plate cut-off or other dense material.  Its walls are also low enough to easily load if a fork-lift is unavailable.

Brokerage Services:

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We have relationships with many scrap metal businesses around the world. Businesses that trust us to provide value beyond price. Our customers know we deliver what we promise. Sellers know we pay fairly and on time. Whether or not it makes sense for us to bring your scrap to our facility we can help you get the best price and service. With our in house brokerage team in place we can handle scrap metal transactions of any size anywhere. Call now! (903-675-4162)

Demolition and Clean Ups:

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Have too much scrap metal to efficiently bring to our facility? Then no problem! We can make your life easier and provide roll off containers to your job site for you to load. This allows large amounts of scrap metal to be transported safely and efficiently to those doing demolition or farm clean ups. We have several different roll off container sizes available and our expert team is ready to assist. Call now! 903-675-4162